Stittsville Main Street was a hub of activity on Canada Day with residents and hot rods both going up and down the boulevard all afternoon! The 2nd annual Canada Day Car Show had the Fredrick Banting parking lot bursting at the seams with spectators checking out over 130 vehicles on display. This show had everything from McLaren’s to Datsun’s. 9 rides met at Ottawa Car Scene headquarters in Stittsville and headed down Stittsville Main to create our own mini parade to the show. When we rolled into the parking lot at 11AM it was already half full. The lot was full by shortly afternoon which left even more hot rods cruising main street looking for a place to park all afternoon. As one ride would leave we would sneak another onto the lot keeping it full for most of the event. Mother Nature was in a good mood for a change. Stittsville residents seemed to be having an awesome day checking out the cool rides. Check out our pictures of the rides.

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