Well, last week I went to Las Vegas for CONEXPO2017 which is a construction show….

Low and behold, in the middle of my hotel is a car museum

Once I go inside I discover that all the cars are for sale as well….I have tried to take a pic of the info and price for each ride……ENJOY!!!



Toronto Motorama 2017

After missing the Toronto Motorama/Mega Speed/Performance World show for many years I figured it was time to check it out again.


Almonte Canada Day 2016 Modified Pics are now posted…

With this album I got carried away messing with colors….You will find several pictures of the same ride in a variation of tints.

I really couldn’t decide which tints I liked the best so I posted most of them. You can be the judge!!!..

Almonte Canada day Modified Pics


Wheels on the Mississippi Modified Pictures are here!!

A few rides pictures were modified many different ways, then many many other rides pictures were modified a few times….

Check out the gallery to see if your rides picture was modified….

Stay tuned for Canada Day 2016 Modified pictures coming soon!




Hwy43 Cruise night and Fathers Day show Modified Pics

Hwy43 Cruise Nights seem to grow every year which provides me with more cars to shoot…Always fun to hit cruise night and then cruise Carling avenue after like the old days….I also captured a few rides at the Fathers Day Show as well….Man messing with pics is fun!!!!

Kemptville Cruise Night

Hwy43 Fathers Day Show


Modified Pics of the Blair Rendell Show in June 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! This location is the bomb! Makes for some nice backgrounds for car pictures. Jeffrey Pelletier and the Summer Knight Cruisers are making this an annual must attend event in our fine city!!!!..Marc-André Poirier took the original pictures and now I get to mess with them….Woo Hoo….I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!!!!!

Blair Rendell Car Show


More Modified Pics from May 2016

This was another show that Bruce Evans and Sarah Jane participated in and took pics for us to enjoy….I only messed with a few from this show…




Modifying pics again.

We modified more  May 2016 pics…Picton Arm Drops were the focus of this batch…Stay tuned for modified pics of the Blair Rendell Show which took place on Sparks St…

Arm Drops


X-Mas Boat Parade Daytona Beach

They hold this boat parade every x-mas on the Halifax River in Daytona Beach. They also had a small car show on the grounds. Some cars came all decked out in holiday spirit. I didn’t realize that the boats would be on the other side of the river. Had to use the zoom mode and being so far away the camera had the shakes, or was it me. Even with anti shake, no tripod  and full zoom and at night some pics turned out ok. Anyway it should give you an idea on the decorated boats.

Boat Pics


2016-11-27 Daytona Beach Turkey Run Day 4

After a rest on Saturday, Jeff and I hit the grounds early Sunday to make a few purchases in the swap meet and check out the car corral one last time. We also got time to cruise through the Turkey Rod Run field to see the local club cars…I am guessing we didn’t get to see over 50% of the rides that were in attendance this weekend. This is one BIG event. Ya have to check out the 1 of 500 Chrysler Hurst 300. What a unique ride..It seems every day there was another wicked deal to be had. There was one wicked clean turbo trans am pace car that I was pondering purchasing…the cheap bugger in me once again didn’t pull the trigger…damn! Well this concludes our Turkey Run Coverage. We did, however, take a tour over to Hanksters Classic Cars (actually went multiple times) and also toured over to Gateway Classic Cars in Orlando before leaving Florida….Stay tuned for more Florida Pics!!!

Turkey Run Day 4 Pics

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