July 2016


Brockville Pics

Found out that Brockville had a Rat Rod class, so this admin took Christina for a tour. Wanted to see what kind of gas milage i would get. WOW   6     miles per gallon. Anyway the weather man called for rain but the clouds broke and the sun shone on the show. The breeze off the river cools things down nicely. I like watching the big boats go by, also the odd speedboat rumbling up the river. Thanks to TISMA for this big  show, with over 80 trophies and 6 $100 cash awards. Best of show receives $500 which went to 56                                                                  T-Bird.  Five years of hard work and restoration scored the Birdman (Terraplane Doug) top honours in his class. Paul was also busy taking pics, so enjoy.


Sunday Pics

Sunday at the Nats is always a “hang out at the stage” day. We toured the top 100 parking lot, then toured the toys in the buildings and ventured down the vendors rows, now that the crowds from Saturday are gone home….the weather was awesome, the ride home had a few challenges, but our entourage all made it back to our respective garages                                                         unscathed…..Enjoy the pics, THANKS SYRACUSE FOR THE HOSPITALITY…..See ya Next Year!!!!!


Syracuse Nationals Saturday Pics.

Saturday proved to be a better day on the grounds of the Nationals….Less beverages were consumed makeing shutterbug duty easier….We had 2 shutterbugs at the show, so we had a toroise & the hare race….I took pics in a fleury, Thurs, Sat, and Sun, while LD and Jeff took their sweet time searching for quality settings……Here are a few pics from our                                                       vantage point along the front strip, as well as some evening shots from the Hess Station where there is always a full parking lot during the Nats……Enjoy!!!.

Rollimg Thunder Pics

Rumbled over to Smith Falls to take in the Rolling Thunder Car show.They have awsome door prizes, one being a full size tool box. One of these years i will win it. A $100 cash prize went to a certain purple challenger.    The 50/50 was around $500. This club is a class act. Everyone received a pic of their ride.Nicely done. Lawrence ended up doing                                                               the  photo shoot.
Taft Rd Cruise Night Syracuse NY
After a 3+ hour drive down the I81, and a free BBQ lunch (THANKS AGAIN!) on the Onida shores, we checked into our hotel and then ventured out to the local cruise night….This gig is catered (The venue is a Banquet hall of sorts) and the food is spectacular!. We got a nice spot in the shade, ventured out to check out the rides. Its always soooo much fun when we get to see rides we have never seen before!!!! Stay tuned for pics from Saturday and Sunday (Too many beverages were consumed to man the camera on Friday 😉 ) ENJOY!
Carp Show (Snowmobile) Pics
What would happen if you had a car show and more snowmobiles than cars showed.The weather sure can play a role in this. With torrential downpours early in the morning,people decided to stay home. Later, the rain held up and there were a few sprinkles the rest of the day.
KUDOS goes to Glenn Byrne and his show crew for carrying on. He said that this was his first rainshow in twelve years. Very strange seeing an empty show field. However a lot of snowmobiles showed up.Glenn decided to hand out all the  door prizes and trophies  to the hardy souls that showed and everybody went home happy.
Thanks again Glenn.
Prescott Car Show
This show is usually a sold out deal, but due to the heat, and the banning of sun shelters by organizers, participation was a little low this year. The breeze off the seaway was awesome when we were parked in the shade, food was good. a few folks went for a tour of old fort wellington which is always neato…..Got to check out few rides we have never seen before as well. Enjoy the pics!