Bruce bought this 1977 G10 Chevrolet van in 2015 from an autobody teacher at his old high school, Sir Guy Carleton, in Nepean, Ontario. It was a custom van from the 1980s and had been in the autobody shop for over 10 years where the students used it to learn about body work. When he brought it home it was missing many parts, including the entire interior and it needed a lot of body and metal work. He set about collecting parts and he and his girlfriend, Sarah Jane, set about the design.

Crazy Diamond van - rearShowing off the Crazy Diamond painted on the back of the van. Credit: Roger McGetchie

He did a complete restoration in his garage including the body and metal work, a new crate engine, and glass upgrades including the sun roof and bubble port hole windows that are so distinctive in 80s custom vans. Bruce did the custom grey and purple paint in his garage and found a creative use for lace that resulted in a unique pattern around the middle of the body. It is laden with heavy metal flake to make it POP. Sarah Jane did the custom sewing, painting, and creating the interior design including tracking down glow in the dark carpet and funky materials for the curtains and upholstery. They dubbed the van Crazy Diamond to reflect his love of Rock and Roll and echo the wild metal flake effect of the van. The name was painted on by pinstriper Danno Drouin in purple to finish it off.

Crazy Diamond van - interiorPsychedelic interior of the Crazy Diamond. Photo credit: Bruce Evans

Bruce tells us that the hardest part of this build was finding the parts, particularly the interior. He visited many junkyards, searched online markets and in various van groups and communities.

As long as Bruce can remember he has been into cars. When he was a kid growing up in Montreal, he fell in love with his neighbour’s 1969 Chevelle SS 396 and in 1976 his uncle introduced him to drag racing. He started saving his money and bought his first muscle car at 16, a 1968 Chevelle that he still owns to this day. He has always wanted a custom van since he was a kid. His friend’s dad had one and he has fond memories of hanging out in it.

Crazy Diamond van - sparkling in the sunRainbow metal flake catching the sun. Photo credit: Paul Psutka

Bruce and Sarah Jane have taken Crazy Diamond to many shows and van events in Canada and the United States and won many trophies with it. Of particular honour was his van making it into the top 100 at the Syracuse Nationals in 2019. This is a major accomplishment with over 8000 classic vehicles in attendance at this show.

When asked what is next for this one of a kind, eye-catching ride, Bruce says he wants to make some changes and upgrades to the interior and participate in a lot more car and van shows and camping events with Sarah Jane and Crazy Diamond. In the words of the legendary rock and roll band, Pink Floyd, Shine on You crazy Diamond!

Enjoy more pictures of the Crazy Diamond.

Crazy Diamond van - work in progressWhile still a work in progress. Photo credit: Bruce Evans

Crazy Diamond van - front corner viewThe Crazy Diamond in its natural habitat… a car show! Photo credit: Roger McGetchie

Crazy Diamond van - sideBruce and Sarah Jane next to the Crazy Diamond. Photo credit: Roger McGetchie

Crazy Diamond van - front viewPhoto credit: Paul Psutka

Crazy Diamond van - interior at night - frontPhoto credit: Bruce Evans

Crazy Diamond van - at nightPhoto credit: Bruce Evans