Even though the weather network promised sunny skies mother nature had different ideas. We began our cruise night journey early to visit a friend in Almonte. On the way we ran into rain twice!. Needless to say we ended up cleaning the Jimmy for a good portion of cruise night. 102 rides participated for a SUNNY cruise night. The 50/50 again was a big one cashing out at a whopping $290. The lucky winner said this was the first time he had ever won; he was very excited!. If you do not have time for supper before cruise night there are soooo many food options at this location. We picked up our $8 suppers at the Independent Grocer deli and simply could not eat it all. Where in the heck can you squeeze 2 meals out of $8 these days!. Due to cleaning the Jimmy (and taking a break to eat supper) I didn’t take too many pictures. However, the cruise night crew usually have full coverage on their Facebook page every week. Check out https://www.facebook.com/CarletonPlaceCruiseNight for full coverage.

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