Ottawa Car Scene Crew headed down Hwy416 to the USA border and cruised over to the Ogdensburg waterfront. Approximately 100 cool rides participated in the show. We were very surprised to see about 25 “Ontario” rides participating as well! The actual BBQ part of the show was awesome! Next year I am ordering a “Big Ass BBQ Pulled Pork” sandwich again!!! We had a blast checking out rides we have not seen before and chatting with our fellow American hobbyists. If the pictures look a little dull its not the rides fault lol; theĀ  tree pollen was flowing all over the cars at a steady rate all day! After the show we cruised over to Little Italy restaurant for an early supper. The meatballs are HUGE; we highly recommend Little Italy for a supper destination. Border crossing was trouble free with the ArriveCan App which was nice to see. We are all excited for our next trip to Syracuse! Enjoy.

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