I felt brave and ventured out even though the forecast was the dreaded 40% chance of rain. This show had lots of parking with grass all around the perimeter for our pop-ups. Lots of cool door prizes ranging from $25 gift cards to an $800 chair! Just about everyone got a door prize. They had a Chipwagon that was selling wicked Pulled Pork Egg Rolls. All proceeds went to Parkinsons, yet for the second year in a row only 40ish cars showed up. I really really hope next year they are blown away by over 100 rides. I am still baffled as to why it didn’t happen this year. Seeing that most of you didn’t show up, yer gonna have to suffer through pics of all my interior work on the Chevelle. PS: Did I mention we all got a coupon for a free beer!

Enjoy the 2019 Cruise for Parkinsons Car Show pics!

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