The weather forecast was sketchy for the day, but the season is winding down so we forged ahead. The new location for this event is awesome, there was ample parking even though the crew was nervous they would run out of space. This new location can handle up to 500 or more cars I would imagine. We got to check out some rides that rarely come out of local garages, the food truck choices were awesome, the door prizes were awesome. The weather, however, was NOT awesome. We tried to warn organizers that the storm was coming but they didn’t believe us. Needless to say, the Chevelle needs to go on the hoist again for a major cleaning! I should have bailed like about half the crowd did. I almost forgot… A Lady with the Yellow Caddy is trying an experiment. She has a hash tag on her windshield and wants people to tag it to let her know where folks saw pics of her ride.

Check out the pictures from the 2019 Barrhaven Car Show.

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