Once again we got to the grounds early and commandeered awesome parking spots in the awesome park along the great lake Ontario… I was surprised how many rides from King St the night before do NOT participate in the show… I was also surprised this year at how many clubs participated. I spent some time walking around the AMC club rides as they actually had information plaques in front of many so you could see the distinctions between the years… It was very very cool. This is a must do show for us as the park is awesome, the registration fee is only $30 for the weekend, and they give away about $4000 in prizes EACH DAY!!, and the 50/50 for the weekend was $6400….. Whats not to love….and just to make it even kooler, Keith with his freakin awesome Caddy won a top ten award…. All in all an awesome weekend to see 1000-1500 rides each year.

Enjoy our coverage of Saturday at Autofest!

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