I didn’t win the $2400 50/50 draw at this show, but I sure had the money spent after buying lots of tickets 🙂 . I say the same thing year after year about this show: I am blown away that more people do not make the trek to Verona. They have tons of door prizes, a raffle for cool stuff like a BBQ (Ask Morgan!) a pressure washer, fancy art, and Ceramic Coating certificate… then just for showing up, you have a 1 in 300 shot at a free trip to Vegas Barrett Jackson, or a honking 6 foot tall NAPA Tool Box! It was an awesome day with awesome weather, awesome tunes by a ZZ Top cover band, awesome food from the canteen and awesome company. Enjoy the Awesome Pics. Oh ya, and don’t forget to support our sponsors: Hinton Automotive, Buds Taxi, and Stittsville Automotive Service!

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