What better way to end The SEMA Show then with a car show? After the official business is over the real action begins!

SEMA Ignited is a crowded event which is understandable as it is the only part of The SEMA Show that is open to the general public (with the purchase of a ticket). Grandstands are set up at various points along the cruise route, providing seating to spectators. And seating is appreciated as the cruise lasts hours. Yes, hours! I was ready with my camera as they rides started rolling by and 3 hours later they were still coming! Guess that’s expected when you have 1,500 vehicles to get through.

stolen_challengerTwo hosts commented as the rides passed by, pulling select ones aside to interview the drivers and get more info.

The most interesting story of the night was about a Dodge Challenger built by Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance. On the way to The SEMA Show the trailer carrying the Challenger was stolen and the car taken out. After 2 police chases, including hitting a police vehicle, it was abandoned. The thief was caught later. When the police found out the car was a SEMA build, they released it temporarily, under constant police custody (as seen in the picture!) as it was still evidence. I’ve heard of the SEMA Crunch before, but this one was a little extreme!

Getting to see and hear all of these amazing rides in action is an amazing experience. If you happen to be in Las Vegas during the SEMA week and don’t have access to the trade show, make a point of getting to SEMA Ignited!

Check out the action in the SEMA Ignited 2019 gallery!