Are you wanting to upgrade your lighting or looking to give your classic a modern touch? Among the many options for updating your headlights one company has found a great mix of technology and looks.

Dapper Lighting offers aftermarket headlights that incorporate headlight projectors in sealed-beam style housings. They offer 5.75”, 7”, 6×7” and the newly released 4×6″ sealed-beam sizes. Beyond offering projectors, you also have several options available to customize the lights how you want.

For owners of cars with 5.75 inch headlights, the Dapper Lighting 575 projector headlight kit is the one to look at. It comes with 4 lights, with the low beam and high beam projectors being specific to each role. All light housings are glass.


Headlight housings are offered in chrome, for a somewhat traditional look, or black and carbon fibre options for a more modern style.

The 575 kit includes a set of halogen bulbs. Lighting upgrade options include HID (low-beam only) and LED bulbs (low and high-beam). If you want a high tech look, there are 7 choices for LED halos. The Classic halo options (white or amber) offer the traditional look where the individual LEDs are somewhat visible. Move up to the HDR halo rings for a brighter and more blended look. The HDR halos also offer the additional choice of white/amber switchbacks or RGB multi-colour. Dapper Lighting also offers a unique take on halos with the Modern halo with its jewelled look. The LEDs are spaced apart to let each one shine.

Installation difficulty varies based on the options you choose when ordering the lights. For basic headlights using halogen bulbs and no halos, the lights are plug-and-play. A wiring harness is included to connect the factory sealed beam connector to the included halogen bulb. The housings mount using the factory hardware without needing to modify the headlight buckets in most cases.


Halos require additional wiring work, the amount of which depends what kind of halo is ordered.

Even with halogen bulbs the low-beam light pattern has the clear definition expected of projector headlights and light up the roadway ahead well. The high-beams have a less defined beam for a better spread of light.

Don’t be deceived by the brightness of the white light from the HDR halos. The instructions rightfully warn not to use them as headlights. The first time I saw the halos on at night, I can see why they included that warning. They are bright! They work very well as daytime running lights during the day. You can wire then to dim when the headlights are activated.


The switchback function of the HDR halos works very well. When a turn signal is activated, the white light turns off while the amber flashes. Turning off the white makes the turn signal stand out more while flashing. Once the turn signal is deactivated the white comes back on.

For those who have 7” round or 6×7” or 4×6″ rectangular sealed-beam headlights they have options for you too. The same options are available as for the 5.75”. The 7” round also has a specific model with built in LED light source.

Protective films and other accessories are also available.

Check out Dapper Lighting’s website for more information and to check out their full product line. They are also on Facebook and Instagram.