Yes, the title is right… wide whitewall wheels! Are you building a restomod but struggling to fit aftermarket big brakes behind 15″ wheels to keep your wide whitewall tires? We found a product that might just make that decision a lot easier!

deluxe_wheel_company_4The Deluxe Wheel Company had a creative solution on display at the 2019 SEMA Show. The solution they’ve come up with is to move the whitewall to the wheel!

Would you believe a set of big brakes could be hiding behind those steelies and wide whitewalls? They have 2 versions of their aluminum wheels: the Full Profile and the Half Profiles. Both versions are 20″ with various widths available from 8 to 12″.

The Full Profile, as shown in the pictures, looks like your standard steel wheel from the past but with the whitewall integrated into the wheels. It accommodates most 15″ hubcaps, centre caps and trim rings.


If you’re building a ride using modern suspension components or a chassis that pushes out the hubs, their Half profile wheels are for you. These reduce the distance from the hub to the outside tire bead from 3.5″ to 2″ for a tighter fit.

One cool feature of these wheels is that the valve stems are located where they would be on a 15″ wheel. To do this a channel is milled through the outer billet rim.

Along with the ability to use big brakes you also get use modern performance tires that are not available in the smaller sizes. These wheels could help you improve your rides go and whoa!

For more information visit the Deluxe Wheel Company website.