The whole Ottawa Car Scene crew went for a 4 hour tour to Oshawa for the weekend. The first stop for this weekend show is the Kars on King Cruise night put on by the City of Oshawa. They shut down King St. and fill it with classic cars. It is so popular you have to pre-register in the spring to participate. Where else is there a cruise night with a Main Stage taking up an intersection with Elvis as the main act? And if that doesn’t impress you how about being able to get a photo op with Batman and his Batmobile just up the street. When you see one of our crew ask us about the time Batman stopped a policeman to ask for directions LOL. Thousands of Spectators stroll along the streets all evening checking out the rides. This is one of those gearhead bucket list things that ya have to do once. But be careful because once you do it once you will have to go back for more!!!! Thanks Oshawa for putting on an amazing cruise night!

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