Ottawa Car Scene crew rolled into Lakeview Park with posse of 8 rides. We commandeered our yearly parking area close to the entrance so we could watch the art on wheels roll by us all day. Close to 2000 rides filled the park on Saturday despite the dismal forecast. We watched the clouds roll by on our apps until the rain finally broke through for about 30 minutes at 3PM. Once the rain stopped the day 1 closing ceremonies began. This was a day the crew wont forget as two Ottawa Car Scene members won cash prizes of $500 and $1000. What are the odds that 2 of 8 cars in a 2000 car show win 2 of the top 5 door prizes….Just wow! This show is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Ottawa and well worth the drive. There is so much shade in this park there is not a bad parking spot anywhere. Stay tuned for more pics from the Autofest.

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