Hey Folks. Last weekend we went on yet another road trip. We took an 8 ride convoy from the Valley to Oshawa Autofest. We got to Oshawa just in time to take in thier annual “Kars On King” cruise night…Man O man there were some niiiiiiiice rides parked on King St. i saw some rare metal too. Check the pics for the 69 – 427 – 4 Speed Impala Ss Ragtop….I never got to talk to the owner to see if it was actually a real one or not….what a rare beast!! There were two Valley crews that made the trip. I didn’t take any shots of the Ottawa cars as you all know what they look like already 😉

This was a very rare car event where I actually couldn’t decide where to eat as there was simply too many food places to choose from….what a dilema!!!!

Most of these rides you will see again in later pics from the show, but some only attended the cruise night, and then some only attended the show so its up to you to sift through to see if you can find mutliple pics of the same rides…..Happy Hunting!!!!!!

Car Show Pics

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