So already Saturday was upon us and we were simply car’d out…We decided to hang out on the beach for the day while Peter tackled the Turkey Run…..Peter took tons of pics. You will see a few that we posted from Day 1 or Day 2, and you will likely see a few a 3rd or 4th time on Day 4 pics…..We heard blowers driving by on the street while we were relaxing on the beach enjoying beverages and couldn’t stay away..I am however getting wiser in my old age and took Jodie’s Monster Cooler with me to ensure beverage supply didn’t run short..So part 2 of these pics which will be up shortly are from the front balcony of our hotel….Man I miss that place already!!!!

These are the shots from the hotel front balcony as we were too busy enjoying beverages at the beach to walk a million miles on the show grounds…..There were 1000s of cars going by…I only shot pictures for about 20 minutes…..what a fun trip it was!!!

Balcony Pics of Cars

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