This was totally amazing. Got a call from my son Jeremy to check out the champ cars at the Daytona track. Never heard of this series. Anyway, his long time school friend Patrick Dolan was racing. This is an endurance race that runs for 14 hrs. The rules state that you are only allowed to drive for 2 hrs so you need at least 6 drivers. Car owner is Jeff and Deb Louise and yes she did her stint driving. The other drivers were Ben Cork, David Caron, Peter Sherlock and Micheal and Patrick Dolan, who also double up as pit crew and mechanics. These boys from Ottawa built this car from scratch and it was their first outing to a track never seen before and with an untested car. 1999 Honda Civic gutted and caged and fitted up with a slightly modified VTEC motor. 130 cars started the race and the Ottawa gang finished, i believe in 62 place overall.  I think they finished 12th in their class out of 25.They had one minor mishap when the front splitter came apart.  Most of the video will be of their car. Congrats to this team and thanks again for providing me with a pit pass to experience this type of racing. Enjoy the pics and video.

Enduro Pics

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