Hey Folks, I received this info from the Motorsports Club of Ottawa and the Ottawa Sports Car Club.

Check it out!!!

We are looking for anyone who would be interested in working as a track marshal at Calabogie Motorsports Park.

Track marshals are stationed track-side at specific corners. Each has a set of flags, a radio and a fire extinguisher. The flags are meant to signal the drivers about track conditions. (Yellow for crash or stalled vehicle. Debris for, well, debris…) Each corner is in communication with the Race Control Tower, as well as all the other corners. The fire extinguisher should be self explanatory.

The marshals initial training day is set for Saturday May 5th at 10 AM at the track.
Lapping days are paid. Race events are volunteer but with free lunch and dinner, as well as free hats, T shirts, stickers, tools…

And probably most important: marshals get free track time.

If you are interested, contact the folks below:

Lindsay Trudeau is the head of marshaling for Ontario.

His e mail is: ltrudeau@yahoo.com



and mco.org

Ian hudson is in charge of Calabogie marshals

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