Well it was a good day for my annual Pepperoni slice tour…..We go to this show whenever we can cause they take CAN dollars at par….Ya buy a cheesburger with a CAN $20, get $17 US change…..Think about it…they just paid me to eat a cheesburger…..aint life grand!!!!! OK, back to cars….This was a rare day where the grass was actually green….ish….This summer has really sucked for picture taking with all the dried out brown grass….Lots of classes at this show, dude with the most friends wins voting scheme, the 50/50 was over $300 for a 175 cars show which was awesome. The food was good….I noticed a few folks picking up parts at the parcel brokers….Looked like it was a fun day for most…..See ya next year!!!!!

Bridge Car Show Pics

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