What a strange day. Sun was out and sky was blue when I decided to head out to Renfrew for their annual show. I have missed a few shows this year du to its raining here and not raining there. The forecast called for rain  but i headed out anyway. About  80 other brave souls had the same idea. It rained, then the sun came out. Everyone dried their cars off and then it rained. Then the sun came out and everyone dried the cars off again and then it rained again. It stopped raining long enough to hand out the trophies and 50/50. A lot of credit goes to Ray for putting this show on. The last three years have not been very kind to him. Also KUDOS to all the cars that showed up to help out Ray. We have to support these shows rain or shine. A lot of work goes into organizing these shows. Anyway the car got a nice wash going home. Enjoy the pics

Car Show Pics

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