Mother nature decided to be a bitch again and tried very hard to cancel another car show. I have heard so much about this  show and its breakfast that i just had to check it out rain or shine.   After parking the car they steered us over to the breakfast area.  A smorgasbord of delights layed out on a never ending table. Ham, eggs, roast beef, pulled pork, beans etc. all you can eat and then topped off with desert. All kinds of pies but i for-took in cherry cheesecake. Many thanks to the Rotary club, their cooks and servers. Oh yes, about the show. It sprinkled on and off all day but stopped in time to hand out all the awards. The door prizes were amazing, every participant received one.  Thanks go out to Alan Graham and his wife and all the volunteers for pulling this off and also to the 60 and so brave souls for bringing their rides and supporting the show. I will defenately be back for next year.

Car Show Pics

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