What a busy day Saturday was. The Hwy43 club headed on a cruise to Cornwall, the Rolling Thunder went on a cruise to Renfrew, while a bunch of gearheads from Ottawa headed east to Napierville for a day of racing…. The weather was perfect, the cars were running smoothly, and everyone had a great time whichever direction they went!!!!. Paul was taking videos while I took stills. Did you know Napierville has added a wicked drifting track to thier facility??

PS: Congrats to Attila for breaking into the 10s !!! Awesome run! NOTE the flag pics…You guys were running into the wind all day

PPS: Don’t forget that if you want to download a High Quality version of any of these pictures, download them from OttawaCarScene.comAlso, I can edit/clean up/modify/enhance any picture you want, just let me know…..Have an awesome day!!

Dragway Pics

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